ViroMed Quality Control Laboratory

مجموعه آزمایشگاه های
تخصصی ویرومد (دانش بنیان)

ویرومد، انتخاب کیفیت و سلامت

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  • Using advanced equipment and modern technology
  • Continuous improvement of the quality level of employees
  • Honoring customers and providing laboratory services with high quality
  • Guaranteeing confidence in skill, ensuring accuracy of performance


Pharma & Medical devise QC-Lab

  • Physicochemical & Assay
  • Microbiology & Sterility
  • Potency & Efficacy
  • Pyrogeny
  • Stability (accelerate & long term)
  • Nonclinical trial
  • Detergents Potency testing


Environmental, Water & soil QC-Lab

  • Routine Monitoring
  • Drink water
  • Wastewater and sludge
  • Soil & Compost
  • Air & exhaust
  • Heavy Metals and Detergent
  • باقیمانده فلرات سنگین و دترجنتها
  • میکروبی و شیمیایی امحاء پسماند

Food and Cosmetic QC-Lab

  • Food & Cosmetic chemical testing
  • Food & Cosmetic Microbiology testing
  • Pesticides & Mycotoxin testing
  • Heavy metals testing
  • Vitamins, additive, essence & Colors testing
  • GMO & Helal testing & Histology testing


Veterinary QC-Lab

  • Microbiology, & Serology of Poultry, Large animals & fisheries
  • Molecular, virology & parasitological testing
  • Supplements and enzyme activity
  • Antibiotic & Hormones Testing
  • Surface & material microbial testing
  • مکمل‌ها و آنریم‌ها
  • آزمون شیمیایی جیره دام و طیور و آبریان

About Viromed specialized laboratory

ViroMed Specialized Laboratories were established in 2002 by Dr. E. Saberfar, virologist graduated from university of Medical Science, Munich – Germany.
In 2008 and 2017 two other branches in Gilan province (Rasht) and Isfahan city were established which cooperate under the inspection of the central lab in Tehran. ViroMed Specialized Laboratories are the most equipped laboratories in Iran that accredited by Iran National Standards Organization (ISIRI), Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Veterinary Organization, Environmental Organization and also International Inspection Service of SGS. ViroMed Specialized Laboratories present wide range of services in the field of Quality Control of raw materials and processed food, Feed and cosmetic products according to ISO 17025.

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